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naturally bring about Sino-foreign goodwill, The general result will be that the special status of westerners and western concessions in China will be abolished in a short time, and the general principles of the Washington Treaty will be vindicated and China, with foreign financial assistance, will come back to renew the work of national rehabilitation and reconstruction from where it was interrupted in July, 1937, by the outbreak of the war.
The internal political system of China will take a middle road fought out between the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communist Party,, or between Chiang Kaishek and the Eighth Route Army Generals, Chu Teh and Mao Tsehtung. The broad base of the Chinese cultural tradition of toleration will force a political compromise between dictatorship and communism and will produce a type of democratic socialism which is peculiarly China's own. In the broad general struggle between Fascism, Communism and democracy, as generally understood in the West, China will incline toward democracy.
The first trend toward a strong dictatorial regime, as different from totalitarianism of the Hitler-Mussolini or the Stalin type, will be represented by Chiang Kaishek. The personal prestige of Chiang will become so great through his "courageous and wise leadership in this war that he will command a huge following and the loyalty of the nation. He will also be more than a moral dictator in the sense of Gandhi in India. He has not renounced, and will not renounce, the democratic principles of Sun Yatsen's Sanmin Doctrine. But he will in his Chinese way dominate the entire Chinese government, hold its military, financial and political power in his hands and within the framework of the Chinese democratic constitution achieve a virtual personal control. The urgent problems facing China's economic and military rehabilitation will also favour strong centralization of power. One will hear a lot about "three-year plans" and "five-year plans.3' Chinese environment and Chinese racial tradition will not permit Chiang Kaishek to declare himself "dictator" of China and he will not do sos but one can be the real leader of a nation without that title, as Masaryk was in Czechoslovakia. Chiang has already shown himself too subtle and too Chinese to assume a dictatorship, and actually